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Ys [userpic]

So, I'm at that stage in the cold where you feel okay, but your head is still all stuffed up, your nose runs, your eyes occasionally water, and your nose is raw from blowing it over and over and over and over and over and over and so on.

However, I am at least down below the one-Dodge-Ram threshold. I am at work today and being reasonably productive. I can write halfway sentient sentences.

I found parts for the headlight for the motorcycle, but in looking this morning I couldn't find the title, which I need in order to transfer it into my name so that I can register it. I send Cade (my little brother, who officially owns it still) a motor vehicle power of attorney to sign and send back to me so that I can request a new title and then transfer it. What a pain. But it does mean that maybe I'll have a bike again for a little while (and can start teaching our dear husband how to ride).

I've had a very productive week and a half at work, even with being sick...but I've made pretty much zero progress on the task I actually had assigned to me; everything I've done has been going towards helping other people get their stuff done. Which is important and good, but then I look at my task, languishing there, and feel like a goober.

Current Mood: sicksniffly

Hope you feel better soon. Goober :P