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Ys [userpic]

So my dad "isn't ready" to see me again anytime soon.

Current Mood: annoyedsomehow unsurprised

... or to act, in any other fashion, like a mature adult.

I'm sorry. =( ::hugs::


Sorry to hear it:( *hugs*

I'm so sorry.. It is his loss. I hope he will come around soon.

*hugs* That's so hard...

My father has not spoken to me since I came out to him. I made it clear that he's free to call, but he won't.

I'm not going to call him; why set myself up for something that will only make me sadder?


My mom and my little brother are wonderful, on the other hand... I suppose that dad's really the only one who's being a prick, and frankly, he's just as much of a prick about everything else to everyone else around him.

When talking to my brother about him recently, he said, "What's funny is that Dad always asks me why I can't be more like you."


Sorry to hear that. *hugs*