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May 2011
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Ys [userpic]
Oh, crap.

So, I've been talking to Real Live Preacher* in email (and enjoying it), and I make the mistake of telling him I have a livejournal, and he asks where it is.

So I tell him, but the whole time I'm thinking, "Crap. Here's this guy whose writing made me cry and laugh my ass off, at least once at the same time, and he's going to look at my LJ and what's my latest post? "I'm horny!" Bah." And before that? At least a couple of weeks since I've written anything at all myself, really. Most of the last few weeks has been pointing to other people.

I'm so freakin' eloquent, yeah. Way to go, Deb.

The funny thing is, I have two or three subjects I've been meaning to write something about. I just haven't gotten around to it for one reason or another. I want to bitch about crap with Dad, and I had some thoughts about the side effect of being turned off by organized religion being that you lose the community of people that can happen there, and I want to write some about spiritual pressure lately, and I wanted to relate a couple of cool conversations I had with Mom recently, and I had a frustration thing going on with work that seemed like it was worth writing about, and so on and so on.

But no, he's not going to see any of that. He's going to see, "I'm horny!"

Now while that's not an entirely inaccurate representation of my occasional personality, it's still maybe not the impression I'd like to give to someone I'm wanting to have interesting religious discussions with!

Anyway. Hopefully I got this posted before he got a chance to look. *grin*

Hi, Preacher**!

Back to your regularly scheduled links. Maybe I'll actually get off my ass and write something interesting at some point here.

Yeah, right.

Edit: Nope, not in time. Though apparently he followed a referrer link a while back already, so I wouldn't have caught him anyway.

* Not his real name.
** Still not his real name.

Current Mood: amusedamused

I know what you mean ... every so often someone mentions they've been reading my journal, I realize it's just after I've posted a string of "I'm tired and achy and life is unfair" entries, and I wonder how far back they started reading.

And I can especially understand the intensity of that feeling when it's someone like RLP, whose writing is so effective and whose topics seem to be much more carefully chosen.

Real Live Preacher

Okay, I got here to see the good stuff, but yeah, the first time I saw the "Me so horny" thingy.

Make a preacher blush, willya?

Real Live Preacher again

This has gotten me thinking. One of the things I like about the Live Journal community is that people don't spend much time trying to be profound. There are many kinds of writing in the blog world and we need them all. Reporting, pointing to others, ripping Bush a new one, journaling, ranting, and yes, essays writers like myself.

In some ways, my blogging isn't as much fun because mostly what I do is post essays. I put about 5 to 8 hours into each one. Can you believe that?

Anyway, when I go somewhere and read stuff that people are writing right off the top of their heads, I appreciate it for what it is, and even wish that I did a little more of it.

Re: Real Live Preacher again

Interestingly, I've heard some people complain about the often more casual / conversational tone of LiveJournal precisely because they only want to see the profound. Personally I like being able to do both, but I've occasionally thought about creating a separate "this is me as an essayist instead of just babbling" journal. I think it might give the essays more "cred", but some of the familiarity would be lost.

And as one of your regular readers, I have no trouble believing that your essays are five to eight hours each. That sounds about right for what they are. (And I'm grateful for the work you put into them.)

Re: Real Live Preacher again

I just wish it were the top of her head Ys is writing right off. :) Nah, we appreciate Ys for what she is. If only we could figure that out...