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Ys [userpic]

The Bible contains six admonishments to homosexuals and 362 admonishments to heterosexuals. That doesn't mean that God doesn't love heterosexuals. It's just that they need more supervision. --Lynn Lavner

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I actually linked to a site a while back.. a Christian one, no less.. that properly translated the Bible using the original Hebrew and Greek, taking into account words which are no longer used and what they probably meant back then.

It turns out that none of those passages spoke against homosexuals. At all. It was all translated improperly and people decided to run with it.

Funny, nyo?





You know what I meant.

Bible Translated?

If you still have that link running about I'd love to see it!

Re: Bible Translated?

Yupyup, I do!

It was posted in this thread on my journal, and their FAQ can be found here.

Hope you find it informative! ^^


This gets thrown around a lot, but it's no joke. I'm told the Leviticus ones are pretty serious, but the rest (especially the New Testament ones) are pretty much totally wrong. For example, a number of times in the NT a word combination of words whose closest English (and social) equivalents are "Motherfucker" or "child-raper" got translated as "homosexual".

Thanks, guys- thanks.


Leviticus was a book of laws. And they were all cultural laws, not spiritual laws. Anything in there was about keeping the Hebrew line going. Homosexuals can't have kids (naturally), so this was therefore discouraged. It wasn't God's law. They made it up for themselves.

Later in the NT, both Jesus and Paul say that all the "old laws" must be thrown out. That includes the laws that were, in essence, only there to keep the Hebrews alive long enough to make sure Jesus was born.


Right. Jesus didn't say to throw all the old laws out really, but that they didn't count anymore (it's more "This stuff is probably not a bad idea, but don't sweat it" IIRC).

You’re basically right, that there’s no reason for Christians to consider themselves obligated to obey the six-hundred-plus rules outlined in the Old Testament. But, but— All cultural, not spiritual? The first three chapters of Leviticus have rules for offering sacrifices. How is that not spiritual?

And the book says it’s all stuff that “The LORD said to Moses”, so how is it not “God’s law”?


There's different possibilities.

One if that Moses lied. Another is that he misinterpreted what God said. It's also possible that God merely said it so that they would, as I said, stay alive. And there was no intention of being a long term thing.

Sacrifices can mean anything. I haven't done a lot of work trying to "decode" the meanings, but I'm sure a lot of other people have. Many think it was a symbol of what was to come. Others think it was to make man feel guilty. Again, it's still possible it was nothing but a lie, or that Moses just had a bad connection on his Nokia.

God: Moses, can you hear me now? Well, asses to you then. Go burn something. (Stupid connection..)

Moses: Huh? Um.. Okay..

Sure, I think the whole thing’s fiction — I’m an atheist. But the whole context of the discussion assumes that there’s worth in the Bible, that the people who’re using the Bible as support for their bigotry are foolish not for trusting the Bible, but for trusting a bad translation, or for not thinking about what they read. This isn’t a point of view that is well-addressed with the argument “Maybe Moses lied.”


You are putting words in my mouth. I never gave any context for any discussion. I merely made some comments. If you want to see more of what I think, check my journal.

But I do not believe the Bible is right, word for word. I do not think that at all. I merely think that some of the events it depicts have happened, and that the writings are REAL. I never said it was true or accurate.

I think you are looking for a debate where one does not exist.

Could be.

I never said you thought it was true or accurate, so we may be in furious agreement here.