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Ys [userpic]

This is entertaining and worksafe, if quite odd.

Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated


Yep, that's pretty weird. What they don't tell you is that "Jeremy" went on to become CFO of Enron.

Hmph. The teacher should stop trying to stifle the "drama" and instead help facilitate his creativity.


You must not stifle the creativity...beacuse we used to worship the muses. Oh MNEMOSYNE, let me throw down my sacrifice before you, so that the world will be saved, and we won't have the greenhouse effect, and the trees won't all die so I will still have paper to write on...and they are so powerful, those elder gods of musing, they give us SUCH GREAT GIFTS, and stupid tools of the overlords, the teachers, they write disparaging remarks about the fruits of Mnemosynes juicy spreading loins and they DESTROY US ALL!


that is odd...

I find myself strongly agreeing with lothie.

*giggle* Heck, strip away the practice, and *I* write like that.