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Ys [userpic]

Ganked from elsewhere. Not identified since it was private, but such a great quote I had to share it.

Last night on "Monster Garage" I was pleased to see that the team included a transsexual woman and the show handled it beautifully, which is surprising to me since garages and their inhabitants have not historically (in my experience anyway) been very GLBT friendly. Not only did the show consistently refer to her as "she" and "her" in -every- instance, but Jessie James (who, much as I love him, can at times be a bit of a dick) said to the camera "I like Pippa. I mean, what dude doesn't act like a woman now and then? She just decided she liked it better over there." A shrug and he moved on and boom, she was a seamless part of the team.
I found myself thinking "That's how it should be for all GLBT stuff..." You find out your coworker is gay or bi or transgendered or whatever and you go "Well that doesn't affect their ability to weld, so it's really none of my business."

P.S. If the author reads this and you want me to attribute you, just let me know and I will. I had to share, it was so cool, but I didn't want to randomly release it in any way that it could be attached to you.

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hehe, I didn't know he was on your friends list. Very cool. I'm sorry I missed the show, too.