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Ys [userpic]

Some folks really need to get a life. This letter and its enclosure (from someone in the UK, about transgender-related legislation in the UK at the moment) are so dripping with bile, it's just sickening.

While a number of informed responses come to mind, I don't want to argue the point. I just wish I could smack this guy around a lot. Not that it would change his mind in the least, mind you.

The level of negative crap out there in people's heads is depressing.

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FYI, I can't get either of these pages to load. I've been trying off and on for a couple hours.

Once more I'm reinforced in my belief that religious practice is something that should only happen between consenting adults, in private :P.

I don't really mind the bill all that much, but really, transexuals shouldn't be able to change their birth certificate. Sure, transexuals may be women now, but they were stull born men, and they can't change the past.

Except that a "birth certificate" is never actually used as evidence of birth - that's kind of obvious from the whole _existing_ thing, pending future technological advances. "Birth certificates" are used as proof of current identity, so should reflect that, and shouldn't include any information that isn't necessary for that purpose. Given current social predjudice and lack of understanding and acceptance, people who suffer from transsexuality need to have their privacy protected.

Also, "born men" is debatable. Transsexual women were generally born with something resembling a penis, but that's not much of a basis for determining gender. If somebody cut your penis off, you wouldn't cease to be a man, would you?

but they were stull born men

How do you know? All the birth certificate records is what someone who took a quick look at the child thought. Certainly they don't do genetic tests, they don't look at any internal physiology, they don't look at brain structure...

There are so many things other than having a bit of flesh sticking out that make one male, female or in between. So why should someone taking a quick glance at a baby get to decide for all time what someone is?

Heh. Of course, the corollary to opposing the law change is supporting legal marriage for gay and lesbian couples where one of the partners happens to suffer from Banjamin's Syndrome :-)