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Ys [userpic]

Weird religious stuff. Don't read it if you're not curious about such things.

So, reading some of zylch's stuff about her reconstructionist beliefs led me to do a little research into Norse reconstructionism.

I'd always thought that the stuff that got whacked into my head by Thor (and somewhat less violently by Freyja) didn't jive all that well with what little I'd seen on the subject of the Asatru mythos.

On first glance, it fits somewhat better with a reconstructionist view. Which is a little scary to me.

Oh, and I ran into some interesting stuff about gender in the context of Seiðr, which was a little freaky to read as well.

Damn, now I really need to do more research.

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Mwah ha ha, join the dark side (as opposed to the neopagan whitelighters :-) )

BTW, could you please send me your email addy? I've got some questions about name change procedures, and thought you might have the answers.

Email me at ysabel at livejournal dot com and I'll reply with a normal email address.

Have you seen nonfluffypagans?

duely emailed. Thanks.

Oh, and:



And proud of it :-D

Soon I'll have you drinking tequila mockingbirds, monkey shots, and monkeys foster. (I've already corrupted everyone around here)

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Odin would persuade someone else to beat the crap out of Yahweh for him... :)