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Holiday questions

Someone asked as a general question:

I would like to know what this season means to you.
Do you put a title on the holiday you celebrate at this time of year?
Do you celebrate anything at this time of year at all?
If you do, what does your holiday mean to you?

So, I thought I'd explain my answer where other folks could see it too.

Primarily, I celebrate the secular holiday Christmas, which is a celebration embodied by the incarnation of generosity, Santa Claus. (As I said to folks at work when I handed out a few presents, "Happy Gift-Giving Holiday of your choice.") It saddens me somewhat that the flip side of generosity, that is, greed and commercialism, also gets celebrated at this time of year, but I understand that people generally suck and try not to let that get me down too much.

I also view this celebration of generosity in its historical context as the turning point of winter, the point where you celebrate the fact that the nights start getting shorter again and maybe you might make it through the cold season alive this year. Personally, I don't worry overmuch about making it through the winter, so I don't celebrate that particular holiday, but I do understand its background in founding the holiday that I do celebrate. It's the point where you have turned the corner and know you'll make it through where you can let yourself enjoy being generous, giving of what you have, without having to worry about your own survival.

And yes, I believe in Santa Claus. Maybe not the literal jolly fat man at the North Pole, but as long as people can experience the joy of giving, he'll be around.

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