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Ys [userpic]
Ten good things about yesterday

...because I need a little positive thinking, dammit.

10. Made it back to work. Boss is being flexible about time over the next couple of weeks. Always a nice thing.

9. Work organizational changes in ways that please me and will be good for me.

8. Boss really liked his Christmas presents.

7. We bought recliners and a couch, for long, complicated reasons...but we will have a much nicer living room on Christmas Eve when they deliver them. Squee!

6. Joel is being wonderful.

5. Christmas shopping is done but for one or two small things for the spice. We haven't sent out things yet because we just got back from Thailand, so nothing is going to get there on time anyway, and everyone knows this, so no pressure. We'll probably mail stuff after Christmas.

4. This was Friday, not yesterday, but my Dad is really trying to have a positive relationship with me. This is a huge enough thing that it's allowed to carry over for a couple of days. *grin*

3. We will have a Christmas tree this year, even if we don't get around to decorating it until Christmas Eve. I'm silly and sentimental about such things. Having a tree makes me happy. (Yes, I celebrate the secular holiday Christmas, the celebration of the spirit of generosity at its best. I try not to let the celebration of consumerism and greed leak into what should be joyful, too.)

2. My kitties love me and clearly missed me and aren't afraid to show it, even when it's wonderfully inconvenient for me.

1. I got enough sleep last night. I wanted more, but I was really afraid I wasn't going to get anywhere near enough, and I ended up managing to get enough to not feel wiped out. This is a Good Thing. I will often choose sleep over food or even sex. Sleep is a Priority Need in my world.

Current Mood: positive, dammit
Current Music: (thanks for the sentiment, zoethe)

You're home!!!!! YEAY!!!! I somehow missed that before.

I really prefer having a Christmas tree, too. Glad you got one since it means so much to you, too. :)


pass me some of that good thinking over here

Glad you're home...

Clearly you should get somewhere where we can chat! *grin*

At the moment, I'm not really feeling very chatty.